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Ever wished you could make instant edits to every menu item?
You can do that and much more with us.

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Improve Your Restaurant Operations: Features for Guests and Staff

Features for Guests​​


Opening the menu by scanning the QR code with a mobile device


Selecting the menu language


Browse categories, select items and add to cart


Shipping orders including special instructions


Sending messages to staff with additional requests


Receive orders from any location for delivery or pickup

Features for STAFF


Making changes to categories, items and prices in real time


Enter a detailed description of categories and items with photos


Hiding currently unavailable categories and items in real time


Promotion of special offers and discounts in real time


Taking orders including special instructions without going to the guest’s table


Receiving orders placed in a foreign language in your native language


Receiving messages from guests with additional requests


Receiving an account request with a selected payment method


Receive orders for room service directly from hotel rooms, as well as from sunbeds, seats (stadium), and suites within your facility.

How QUDINE works


Customer scans QR code with mobile device to open digital menu


Customer selects items, adds them to cart and can also include written instructions


Customer sends order which contains encoded table, room or location number


Staff receives order in real time on tablet or phone, prepares it right away and brings it to customer

Request Receipt

Customer selects method of payment (cash or card) and sends request for receipt

Frequently Asked Questions

Our smart QR code menu is contactless and always “on the table”. Guests are not need to wait for the waiter to bring them a menu or hunt for it on their own. The fewer waiting time and steps required to place an order, the more orders will be placed.
Paper menus are not editable, and there is no ability to easily generate specials and discounts.
A paper menu must be reprinted on a regular basis in order to remain relevant and presentable.

The PDF file isn’t interactive. It has all of the disadvantages of a paper menu. Your QR code menu seems more like a text-based price list than a modern retail website designed to drive sales.
You cannot add photographs and explanations for each item to the PDF menu, it will grow too large and unreadable.

PDF menus cannot be readily modified. Do you have a new type of cake? Now, you must rewrite the entire PDF and re-upload it to your

No, you do not have to. You can edit your QR code menu whenever you like. We created an administrative interface that allows you to easily edit your menu from both desktop and mobile devices.
We can also provide your employees with access to your digital menu, allowing them to keep it up to date without your involvement.

Absolutely! You can explore our digital menu service with a complimentary 7-day trial to see if it fits your business needs. During this trial period, you’ll have full access to our QR code menu at no cost.
After the trial period, you’ll be billed monthly based on the subscription plan you choose. If you decide to cancel, simply reach out to us at support@qudine.com.

Your old QR codes will still work if you change the name of your restaurant, café, or bar. Or if you plan to make any other changes to your digital menu.


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We specialize in innovative digital menu solutions that streamline your restaurant’s orders, reservations, and overall dining experience.

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