Restaurant Booking Software with Food Pre-Order Functionality

Our restaurant reservation software with built-in food pre-ordering allows you to turn tables faster and serve more customers on a daily basis.

Reduce table & meal wait time by enabling guests to pre-order when they make a reservation

Attract clients with the promise of being served steaming hot food as soon as they get seated.

Our restaurant booking software enables your customers to order food in advance when they book a table online.

This gives you a clear overview of the day, streamlining kitchen operations and boosting daily restaurant profits.

Accepting online payments allows you to sell your food before clients arrive.

Enable clients to pay their bills before entering the restaurant by activating the Online Payment function.

With pre-paid meals, you can accommodate more clients throughout the day.

This allows consumers to get in and out fast, while your crew may focus on clearing tables for the next party.

Take unlimited table reservations & food pre-orders directly on your smartphone or tablet

No need to invest in expensive devices to accept and manage your online restaurant reservations.

Our free reservation system comes with a convenient app that you can download on your iOS or Android device.

You will get notified instantly every time someone books a table and places a food pre-order.