Pre-Order System for Dine-in & Takeaway Orders

Our restaurant reservation software with built-in food pre-ordering allows you to turn tables faster and serve more customers on a daily basis.

Accepting food pre-orders can help you attract new customers and increase sales.

Time is money. So don’t waste yours or your customers’. Enable a restaurant pre-order system to attract:

  • Busy corporate customers Going out for quick lunches
  • Clients place large group orders that can overcrowd your kitchen.
  • Clients that simply don’t like waiting or want to enjoy their dinner at home
  • Night owls who just realized there’s nothing left in the fridge for tomorrow

Customers can place food orders in advance, at any time and from any location, and schedule them for the time period they like.

Serve more customers & speed up service with our restaurant pre-order system

But what’s in it for you? Well, accepting orders in advance opens the door to a flurry of benefits:

  • Say goodbye to kitchen bottlenecks;
  • Reduce wait times significantly during your peak hours.
  • Prepare ingredients and resources for the daily quantity of anticipated orders ahead of time;
  • Serve more consumers faster.
  • Get more satisfied returning customers.

How to improve table turnover by allowing clients to pre-order food while booking a table

Customers put up their reservation details and click "Next"

The system asks if they would also like to pre-order their food

They choose the desired dishes, select the payment method, and place the order

You accept the incoming order on your smartphone and prepare for the day.

Increase recurring consumers by rewarding those who pre-order and pay in advance.

With our restaurant pre-order system, you can encourage more guests to order and pay ahead of time when they book a table using a special discount or promotion.

Customers receive a generous discount, and you know what orders to expect on the day.